Our Solution Values

Dawmt is the simplest HR management solution which can fit any organization type

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Comprehensive HRM solution

Include 16 Modules to fit all your future needs, and those modules are easy to use, and integrate with each other and with other systems


Dawmt doesn’t need to install any hardware, and it provides a reasonable and transparent pricing structure that matches your expectations

User Friendly & Free Update

Dawmt is very easy to use for both HR professional and employees, also it regularly provides new features and enhancements


We are Ready to listen to your special requirements to customize it, also Dawmt allows to configure workflows, and reports to match the organization's processes

Full Localization

We support Arabic and English, and stay tuned for next languages

Built in AI

help the organization to track key metrics and make data-driven decisions. Also monitor team productivity and generate very intelligent and actionable reports


Dawmt has a strong reputation and track record in the market, as well as positive customer reviews and testimonials

Support & Training

We offer high-quality and timely support, and we provide an adequate training, documentation, and guidance to use the system effectively

Automation & Innovation

Reduce manual and repetitive work, eliminate errors and delays. Also provide new and better ways of doing HR tasks and solving HR problems


help to improve the employee experience and well-being, and help to align the HR practices with organizational purpose, values, and culture